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Release Notes: February 23, 2021
Release Notes: February 23, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

New User Engagement Report [New Feature] [Reports]: As we continue to work on new reports, we now support User Engagement reports. This week we're delivering: "User Engagement By Time Interval". In this report, engagement is defined as events enrollments, sessions enrollments, and snippets assignments.

Minor Improvements

  • Improved external attendees' experience: External attendees can now join video-conferences direct links from both calendar invites and email notifications. Having the direct link is particularly important when the settings "Auto-check in when joining video conferences" and "Remove "Join with Google Meet" button from calendar entries on auto-check in"' are enabled. [Events]

  • UI improvements: We improved pills consistency site-wide. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We adjusted the copy for the setting "Auto-check in when joining video conferences" to explicitly say that when the setting is active, PlusPlus' VC link will appear in calendar invites for both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. The "How do Automatic check ins work?" Help Center article was also updated. [Events]

  • We fixed a bug that was causing some cover images not to appear. [Platform]

  • We resolved some Tracks and Snippets cards showing the user as assigned when they were not. [Tracks & Snippets]

  • We fixed a bug not allowing presenters, organizers, and co-organizers of an event to export responses for all surveys through the "Export Responses" button in the survey management dialog. [Surveys]


Unified Catalog [Preview] [Platform]: We're glad to announce that Unified Catalog's preview is available. The Unified Catalog is a single page that showcases all forms of learning that are available: Event Types, Programs, Tracks, Articles (aka Standalone Snippets), and more coming soon. Through the Unified Catalog, you can more easily discover by topic or category what's relevant to you. To check the preview, access the link directly by going to `/a/unified-catalog`.

In the Unified Catalog, you can search by keyword, filter by different learning types, categories, tags, and sort your results.

You can also click to "View All" results for a specific learning type, which will render the flexible filters for that type.

Lastly, admins and organizers can create new Event Types, Tracks, Programs, and Articles. And reorder the sections through the UI Customization settings.

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