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Release Notes: January 26, 2021
Release Notes: January 26, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Additional Custom Survey Capabilities [New Feature][Surveys]: We improved the experience for admins and organizers who can create custom surveys. You're now able to duplicate an existing survey, preview before saving, and delete existing surveys that have not received responses yet. We also made several cosmetic improvements. We hope these additional capabilities make it easier to manage your custom surveys. Check our articles "How to create Surveys" and "How to use Surveys Dashboard" to learn more about these new features.

New Program Reports [New Feature] [Reports]: We continue to add new reports. This week two more are available: "Program Session Enrollment Count & Hours By Time Interval" and "Program Session Attendee Rating By Time Interval". More coming soon!

Minor Improvements

  • Auto Check-in Usability Improvement: We made it easier to access the VC link from the calendar invite. The link to join the VC link now appears at the top of the invite and makes it clear the user is joining a virtual conference. Please note this will only appear if "Auto-check in when joining video conferences" setting is turned on. [Events]

  • Reduced "Event Requested" notifications for admins: Admins will only receive "Event Requested" notifications when the organizer is not defined on the Event Type, and all other fallback emails are not available. [Events]

  • Snippets Assignment: We're now considering Snippets that have been completed without being assigned as assigned, so you'll see an increase in Snippets assignments. [Tracks & Snippets]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a major bug showing the "Edit Program" button for regular users. [Programs]

  • We fixed a cosmetic bug in the Export buttons in the Dashboard. [Dashboards]

  • We're now handling deleted locations better. When trying to delete a location that is used for upcoming events or sessions, you'll view a warning message. [Events] [Programs]

  • Clicking on the release notes link now dismisses the banner. [Platform]

  • We fixed a minor bug in the Events list compact view where the incorrect number of attendees was displayed. [Events]

  • Group creation used to be limited to 50 added emails at a time, but the constraint wasn't reinforced, so the component used to show an unrelated error. Now, this constraint is reinforced and won't show unrelated errors. [Platform]


  • Event organizers requirement: This week, we'll make the organizer field required when creating Events. Please note they'll remain optional for Event Types. To facilitate inputting the field, you'll view a suggested organizer. In addition to that, to assert backward compatibility, events without organizers will be updated following a heuristic. [Events]

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