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Release Notes: March 9, 2021
Release Notes: March 9, 2021
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Minor Improvements

  • Coach Marks for Reports: An information box was added to the reports explaining what the report is measuring to improve comprehension of the data. [Reports]

  • Additional User Resources added to the GraphQL API: on the GraphQL API, you can view the added resources, including location, role, and working_since. [API]

  • Additional log trails: We added logs to track user profile changes to help the support team debug issues. [Platform]

  • UI improvements: We improved sorting selectors consistency site-wide. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We reverted some recent changes that prevented non-attendees from answering Custom Surveys. Anyone with the survey link should be able to answer now. [Events] [Surveys]

  • We're now listing all co-organizers in event email notifications. Before, only the first co-organizer was listed. [Events]

  • Users can now download individual exported surveys through Slack notifications. [Platform]

  • We fixed a major bug in the Auto-check in where the standard "Join with Google Meet" button provided by GCal did not appear in a calendar event if the system had the Auto-check in when joining video conferences toggle ON and the Remove "Join with Google Meet" button from calendar entries on auto-check in toggle OFF. [Events]

  • We fixed a minor bug that was blocking admins and organizers from viewing all custom surveys they can add to an event. The scroll was cutting off and you could not access the remaining surveys unless you searched. [Events] [Surveys]


New Snippet Roster [New Feature] [Tracks & Snippets]: Admins and organizers, are now able to see who is assigned, who have not completed, and who has completed a snippet via the "View All" Roster dialog. This additional visibility should help drive compliance.

Unified Catalog [Preview] [Platform]: As we continue to refine the Unified Catalog before the official launch, we made several usability improvements and fixed a few bugs. To check the preview, access the link directly by going to `/a/unified-catalog`.

In the Unified Catalog, you can search by keyword, filter by different learning types, categories, tags, and sort your results.

You can also click to "View All" results for a specific learning type, which will render the flexible filters for that type.

Lastly, admins and organizers can create new Event Types, Tracks, Programs, and Articles with images or videos. They can reorder the sections and shortly will also be able to rename the Learning Types through the UI Customization settings.

End-users can engage with Articles by adding to their To Do list and marking them Complete once they've finished with them.

They can also rate an article and view feedback from other end-users.

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