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How to enable xAPI (LRS) integration
How to enable xAPI (LRS) integration

Learn how to configure PlusPlus to integrate with your Learning Record Store (LRS) via xAPI

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You are an admin on the platform. Your company has a Learning Record Store (LRS) and you would like to configure PlusPlus to emit xAPI statements to it.


  1. From your LRS instance, provision and obtain LRS connection settings: end-point URL, key (or username), and secret (or password). Make sure that the end-point is configured for Basic Auth.

  2. On your PlusPlus instance, navigate to Settings β‡’ Integrations β‡’ xAPI (LRS) Integration.

  3. Check Enable xAPI integration and configure xAPI End Point, xAPI Key, and xAPI Secret to match your LRS connection settings.

  4. Hit Save.

Go deeper

Actor Identification

Our xAPI integration can identify actors (i.e. your employees) via their email addresses or employee IDs. The second option requires that:

  • Employee IDs be provided to us as part of the people integration.

  • You define xAPI Account Home Page (Optional) as part of the configuration above. This is a "The canonical home page for the system the account is on."

Limited Scope

The xAPI Integration is currently limited to just reporting event check-ins. We are working on expanding these capabilities.

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