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The Events Module consists of two primary building blocks: Event Types and Events.

Events can be classes of a course, workshops, team outings, happy hours, or whatever the people involved want them to be.

You can build events from scratch, or base them on an Event Type template.

Event Types

An event type works as both a template for the creation of an event (with preset attributes) and a collection for all upcoming events derived from it.

Event Types build out the core structure of an event (like the title, description, who is organizing/presenting the event, cover art, etc.).

When you edit an event type, you can choose to propagate those changes to all existing events based on it.

The people at your organization can browse all your event types in the Catalog tab.


Events have a particular time and location. They can be one-off instances, or an iteration of an Event Type.

You can manage the attendance of an event through its Roster window.

The people at your organization can browse through available events in the Events tab.

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