You want to set up rules that automatically recognize people on the platform.


Set up a set of automated rules to automatically assign badges to people.

  1. Reach out to our Customer Success Manager to configure your badges. There is currently no self-serve UI for you to set this up on your own.

  2. Read Automated Rules to understand the workflow for creating your rules and learn about rule conditions.

  3. See the discussion below outlining badge assignment rule actions and parameters.


For badge assignment, there are two possible Actions:

  • Assign Badge. Assigns a badge to the user profile, if it's not assigned already.

  • Revoke Badge. Revokes a badge from the user profile, if it was previously assigned.

Both of these actions take one required Parameter:

  • Badge Name. The name of the badge to assign/revoke to/from the user profile, based on the Action above.

Example Rules

  • Condition: User is-mentor is true

  • Action: Assign Badge

  • Parameter: Badge Name ("Mentor")

  • Condition: User hosted mentorship session count is greater than 10

  • Action: Assign Badge

  • Parameter: Badge Name ("Super Mentor")

Special Considerations

  • Thee badge assignments are currently not editable through the PlusPlus Dashboards. The only way to edit assignments is through the automated rules.

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