You want to understand which browsers PlusPlus supports - e.g. to troubleshooting a problem you might be having.


We officially support the most current and the previous versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Apple Safari

Furthermore, we expect the browser to be configured (which includes any extensions/plugins that might be loaded) to:

  • Support cookies (for session tracking)

  • Execute JavaScript

  • Be capable of 256-bit SSL encryption using TLS v1.3

Note, browsers from other vendors, as well as relatively recent versions of browsers from the major vendors are likely to work well, but we no validate them as part of our regular workflow, so our support in these cases is considered best-effort.


Thanks to the W3C web standards, most browsers tend to be compatible with applications such as ours. We follow the best industry practices and refrain from leveraging any browser-specific extensions or behaviors.

That said, web standards evolve over time, and with the new security threats that are constantly emerging, so we expect our users to stay current with their browser versions. Thankfully, all major browser vendors offer some form of auto-update, so this is relatively easy to do.

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