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Release Notes: August 10, 2021
Release Notes: August 10, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Additional flexible filters [New Feature] [Platform]: We have increased the number of flexible filters that admins can set up from 3 to up to 7 filters. In addition, for an improved experience, users can apply flexible filters to all of their learning content, including Courses, Articles, and Videos. These filters show up universally on the Catalog page.

Special Attention

Removal of Additional Locations [Deprecation Warning] [Platform]: We launched Is Friendly To My Time event filter on March 23 to make it easier for the end-users to discover online events that better fit into their time-zone-aware schedule, regardless of their physical location. Similarly, we're launching in the upcoming week the same filter for Mentorship sessions. With that in place, we find little value in having the organizers and hosts manually curate the list of additional locations where their events/sessions show up in. As a result, we will be deprecating the Additional Locations feature on September 28. If you have any concerns/suggestions, please reach out to your admin or your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager.

Minor Improvements

  • Filter program sessions by host: Users are now able to filter by host when seeing sessions. The filter is available in the sidebar and will only show hosts for that program. [Programs]

  • Manager info included in custom people CSV exports: Manager ID, email and name are now available columns in the People CSV export. Please reach out to support in order to get this customization activated. [Data Exports]

  • Course description on upload: When uploading courses to the platform, the file description is now fetched and pre-filled on the course form. [Courses]

  • 15 ≤ minute resolution for periodic reminders: Users, organizers, and admins can expect periodic reminders to go out with a 15-minute window of their ideal time-offset, so that they have more confidence that the system is behaving as expected. [Platform]

  • /users/me/ ⇒ /users/<id>/ and /a/users/me/edit/ ⇒ /a/users/<id>/edit/ redirects: We’ve added stable URLs for users profile and profile edit redirections. With this, you can easily redirect users to their profile by linking to this url from announcement banners or documentations. For instance, <your_plusplus_url>/users/me/ would redirect to the profile of whoever is logged in. [Platform]

  • Added support for Emoji in event bulk imports: Users are now able to use Emoji in text-based fields (title, description) when bulk importing events into the system. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug preventing snippets to be deleted from a track. [Tracks]

  • We fixed the event types search filter dropdown on event type reports that only fetched the 50 first event types on load. We've increased the number to 500. [Reports]

  • We fixed a bug preventing users from reaching ​​the Customers the create new event page. [Events]


Revamped Tracks UI [Improvement] [Tracks]: Maintainers will soon be able to include content from the Catalog in their track, including articles, videos, event types, and courses so that they can build richer blended experiences. They will be able to describe their tracks so that their audience knows what each of my tracks is about. We're building an intuitive creation/editing experience, easy, and consistent with other contents so that they are encouraged to expand their use of tracks on the platform. End-users will also have an improved experience consuming these tracks. Talk to your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager, if you're interested in viewing a demo. More is coming soon!

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