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Release Notes: May 4, 2021
Release Notes: May 4, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Support for Videos [New Feature] [Platform]: We now support hosting YouTube and HTML5 Compatible Videos through the Catalog. Like other learning types, end-users can discover the content and consume it through the Platform. To enable, Admins should add "videos" to Sections order in Catalog in the UI Customization settings.

Support for eLearning Courses [Early Access][Platform]: Early access to eLearning Courses is now available to all Admins through the Catalog. To enable, check our "Enable eLearning" HC article. Currently, Admins can import Courses, and end-users can launch and engage with the content. More improvements are coming soon! Check more details below.

Admins can Import a Course (SCORM/xAPI/AICC/cmi5), Save Draft, Publish, Preview the content, and Manage Assignees.

Once Courses are uploaded, users can discover the content, launch, and automatically update consumption progress.

As with other content, they can also rate and view feedback from other end-users.

Content Rosters Improvements [New Feature] [Platform]: Admins can now gain insights and drive compliance through the Snippet, Article, and Course Rosters. In addition to the improvements of the previous release, it's now possible to Copy Emails of the filtered list, Download as CSV, and Assign end-users or groups. More coming soon!

Minor Improvements

  • Embedding the Poster Page: It's now possible to embed the Poster page in your corporate CMS so that you can drive discovery and engagement of events happening on the PlusPlus platform. [Platform] [Events]

  • Auto-generated Watch Links through Events Bulk Import: Events Bulk Import capabilities were extended to create online Events with watch links. To support the feature, authentication with Google is now mandatory when performing bulk imports. [Platform]

  • Upcoming Dates added to Event Types & Program cards: While browsing through the Catalog, end-users can see the date of the upcoming Event or Session for an Event Type or Program, so they can better understand when these events and sessions may be available to them.[Catalog] [Events] [Programs]

  • Catalog is now sorted by Upcoming: While browsing through the Catalog, end-users are able to see Event Types and Programs sorted by the Upcoming Event or Session so that they can easily engage with the soonest available content. [Catalog] [Events] [Programs]

  • Customizable Integrations File Decoding: We made the SFTP integration file decoding customizable. [Integrations]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a parsing issue on a Course's page. [Courses]

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