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Release Notes: April 6, 2021
Release Notes: April 6, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Discover All Forms of Learning through the Events Search [New Feature][Platform]: You can seamlessly discover all forms of learning while searching events. At the end of the events page, you'll see the number of search results you'll find in the New Catalog.

New Catalog [New Feature][Platform]: Browse and explore all forms of learning that are available to you in a single page. Through the New Catalog, you can more easily discover content by topic or categories that are relevant to you. Please check with your admins if the feature has not been enabled on your platform.

In the New Catalog, you can search by keyword, filter by different learning types, categories, tags, and sort your results.

You can also click to "View All" results for a specific learning type, which will render the flexible filters for that type.

Lastly, admins and organizers can manage new Event Types, Tracks, Programs, and Articles with images or videos. They can reorder the sections and are also be able to rename the Learning Types through the UI Customization settings. For Articles, admins can view the Roster with assigned users.

End-users can engage with Articles by adding to their Learning Content list and marking them Complete once they've finished with them.

They can also rate an article and view feedback from other end-users.

To check the full documentation, access What is the Catalog?

Minor Improvements

  • Prevent sessions cancellation after the cutoff: When canceling a session, users will view a note indicating the cutoff for cancellations. They will still be able to cancel sessions but will be better informed when they're advised not to. [Mentorship][Programs]

Bug Fixes

  • Users are now able to delete all snippets from a Track. [Tracks]

  • We fixed a minor bug impacting the Events description input. [Event]


Support for Courses [New Feature][Platform]: Admins will soon have support for hosting eLearning Courses. Users will be able to discover Courses, launch, and have their consumption progress automatically updated. Courses will be available through the New Catalog. Coming soon!

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