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Release Notes: Embedded Confluence Content, Aug 25, 2022
Release Notes: Embedded Confluence Content, Aug 25, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Embedded Confluence Content [New Feature] [Integrations]: We've added support for embedding Confluence docs in PlusPlus articles. With the new capability, it's possible to host more content through PlusPlus, improving the learning experience. To use the feature, go to an article and click on the embed icon, which will show Confluence as an option. Please note you'll need to have access to the document through the same account to be able to visualize it.

Additional Settings for Articles, Event Types, Courses, Videos, and Tracks [New Feature] [Settings]: Additional settings such as notification templates are now available on all content items. With the new capability, creators can set preferences at a content level, gaining more flexibility. They can also reset to the default settings if desired.

Expanded SCIM Integration [Major Improvement] [Settings]: We did a major revamp of the SCIM integration, which now allows SCIM to be used as the sole source of people integration data:

  • Added support for additional attributes

  • Added support for mapping attributes from non-standard paths

  • Added support for custom attribute mapping

  • Moved SCIM settings from Security to Integrations ⇒ People

Minor Improvements

  • New Automated Action: Assign to group [Improvement] [Rules]: Admins can create automated rules that will assign people in a segment to a group. Note this action will update a group to match the people of the selected segment, so if a person in a group is no longer in a segment, they will be removed from the group.

  • View users affected by rule [Improvement] [Rules]: The list of users affected by a rule is accessible and filtrable through the rules logs.

  • Additional People Filters Capabilities [Improvement] [Dashboards]: Admins can select to filter by the same field more than once. With the new capability, more refined segmentation of the users' list is possible. For example, you can select users from a large set (e.g. title contains "Engineer") but exclude a smaller subset (e.g. title does not contain "Site Reliability"). Beware that urls that might have been bookmarked will no longer work.

  • Images in track descriptions [Improvement] [Dashboards]: Similarly to other types of content, we've added support to having images in track descriptions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed iCal feed URL not available on the new settings page. [Settings]

  • Fixed Low event utilization email being sent wrongly. [Notifications]

  • Fixed Executive Assistants not saving when updating the mentor's profile. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the mentor field not clearing in the sessions form. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the warning when creating overlapping event timeslots to only appear upon saving. [Events]

  • Increased upload limit for SCORM Cloud. [Courses]

  • Fixed the mentor profile not allowing anyone to select mentorship preferences. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed issues with Google Calendar not syncing. [Integration]

  • Fixed the event form not loading initial event type data correctly. [Events]

  • Fixed broken notifications due to escaping errors. [Notifications]

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