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Release Notes: Aug 11, 2022
Release Notes: Aug 11, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Improved UX for Notifications Templates [New Feature] [Settings]: We revamped Notification templates for a better user experience. The new component is now displayed alongside other notification settings to facilitate management in the System Settings. Similarly to other settings, you can reset to the default values. Soon, it will also be available at the content level, stay tuned!

Automated Rules Logs [Alpha Feature] [Rules]: An initial version of displaying the logs of automated rules is live. This new capability will help admins experimenting with running automated rules through the dashboard. Please note a more detailed version will soon be available!

Filter People by Segment [New Feature] [Dashboards]: To improve filtering capabilities, we added a Segment filter to the People dashboard, which will empower admins to build more complex searches.

Minor Improvements

  • New Assignments Dashboard Filter [Improvement] [Dashboards]: We added the "Assignee Group" filter to the assignments dashboard to facilitate sorting out the data.

  • Tasks Covers [Improvement] [Tasks]: Similarly to other contents, tasks can now have a cover image added to them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the back action of the session bulk duplicate modal. [Office Hours] [Mentorship]

  • Fixed "Event Updated" notifications not working as expected. [Events]

  • Fixed a permissions issue with users being able to join group-restricted tracks. [Tracks]

  • Fixed errors when adding room names with more than 255 characters. [Events]

  • Fixed second and third event reminders not being sent. [Events]

  • Fixed an error in the office hours save. [Office Hours]

  • Fixed the mentors filter not loading in the Analytics page. [Dashboards]

  • Fixed the rating interaction/visualization, which was wrong in past sessions cards. [Office Hours] [Mentorship]

  • Fixed errors when updating users profiles. [Platform]

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