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Release Notes: Tracks within Tracks, Mar 30, 2023
Release Notes: Tracks within Tracks, Mar 30, 2023
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Tracks within Tracks

Building on the release of track sections, you can now nest tracks within tracks.

This is especially useful for integrating generic tracks (like new employee onboarding) into persona-specific tracks (like new engineer onboarding) without duplicating work and creating a single learning path for tracking consumption and feedback.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Feature Management > Features and turn on Tracks within Tracks. You must also enable Content Assignments 2.0 for Tracks within tracks to work properly.

Creating/editing a track nested within a track

Consume a track within a track

Enhanced visibility of terminated users

Admins can now filter users by their status, allowing them to pull up information for terminated employees. The Account Status, Assignee Account Status, and Attendee Account Status filters are all available in dashboards where you can filter by user.

Additionally, admins can now export CSVs with terminated employee data.

Terminated employees’ personal information is anonymized and deleted 30 days after termination, but their employee ID still shows in reports.

Trailing active user count report

You can now see a trailing active user count for your instance of PlusPlus at Settings > Site > Stats. This allows admins to project their next renewal rate.

Bug fixes

  • You can now edit track resources without issue.

  • Clear filters now works without issue on dashboards.

  • We fixed an error toast that would occur when the edit profile toggle was disabled and a user physically changed time zones.

  • Content completion emails now work as intended for users who are both assigned to the content and are facilitators.

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