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Release Notes: People Directory, Mar 16, 2023
Release Notes: People Directory, Mar 16, 2023
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People Directory

We're excited to announce the release of People Directory, where you can easily find other team members in your org and access their profile. Search and filter based on job title, department, manager/directs, and more to effectively collaborate and engage with colleagues. We designed People Directory to make PlusPlus even more effective in helping you leverage the collective expertise and knowledge within your org.

Ask your CSM or support rep to enable this feature.

Hide employee hire dates

You can now hide employee hire dates from the public user interface so that you can keep that information private within the org if you want to.

To configure this setting, go to Settings > Security > Privacy > Public hire date.

Copy suggested mentor/mentee in notifications

When you suggest a mentor or mentee to a team member, you can now copy the suggested person to the communication, providing a more efficient and transparent process for connecting mentors and mentees.

Updated notification templates

We are in the process of updating our notification templates for more consistent and effective messaging. This release, we updated all the Slack direct message templates for Event and Content notifications.

Quality of life improvements to the mentorship pages’ filters

Now, when you search by keyword, it’ll actually look for that keyword across multiple user attributes, such as name, title, department, and bio.

We've also added a "Name" filter that lets you search specifically for users by their name.

Finally, to help you narrow down your search even further, we've added three new filters to the Mentors and Mentees pages: OrgLead, Manager, and Teammate. This makes it easier to find people who meet specific criteria or who work in certain areas of the organization.

Bug fixes

  • You can now use a custom range for office hours series enrollments without issue.

  • You can now order course assignments by latest or oldest progress without issue.

Upcoming: Tracks within tracks

We are following up our work on track sections with adding the ability to nest tracks within tracks. This is especially important for content creators who want to reuse common track components across multiple persona-specific tracks. This lets them avoid duplicating work and it gives them a single place to track consumption and feedback.

Create/edit track

Consume track

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