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When creating a program, it is possible to determine how many people will be able to enroll in its sessions. You can choose the sessions’ type, which can be 1:1 or Multiple Attendees. For 1:1 sessions, there will be only one spot available and for multiple attendees sessions, it is possible to specify the capacity.

You can set up a program session’s capacity in two different ways. The first is by editing it on the program's edit page and using it as a template for the following sessions created for that program. The second way is by selecting the capacity of one specific session.

Defining the capacity at the program level

When editing or creating a new program, it is possible to select the session capacity by going to the “Session Type & Capacity” section. This value will not propagate to the sessions of this program.

It is only possible to change the capacity if you choose multiple attendees sessions. If you want the capacity to be higher than one, you must select Multiple Attendees and set the number of spots available. For sessions with unlimited spots, leave Session Cap blank.

Changing the program session's capacity

You can define the type and capacity of new and existing sessions.

New sessions

Go to the programs page and click in the New session button or go to the user's menu and choose + Add Program Session.

For 1:1 sessions, you can optionally select an attendee.

If the session should have more than one attendee, you can choose the Multiple Attendees type and select the session's capacity in the Session Cap field. Leave it blank if the sessions should support unlimited attendees.

Existing sessions

Go to the program sessions page, click the gear icon of the sessions you want to edit, and choose Edit Session.

If you switch from 1:1 session to Multiple attendees and there is an existing attendee, they will still be enrolled.

NOTE: You can change the capacity for sessions with multiple attendees. If the chosen capacity is less than the number of participants, the last ones who booked will have their session enrollments canceled.

Managing session attendees

As for selecting attendees for sessions with multiple attendees, you can go to the program's page, click the gear icon, and choose "Manage attendees". This will only be available for Multiple Attendees sessions.

Adding new attendees

You can add more attendees clicking in + Add Attendees and search them by their names.

The local and online enrollment button will be available according to the session's attendance method. If it accepts both attendance methods, then both buttons will appear.

It is also possible to find and enroll people and groups in the Everyone tab. Use the search bar to find groups and people.

Fully booked sessions won't have the enrollment button available. For groups, if it has more members than spots left for the session, the enrollment button won't appear.

Session's agenda

If you want to see the session's agenda for 1:1 sessions, you can just head over to the session card and click in the "View details" button. A dialog will appear and the agenda will be there.

For sessions with multiple attendees, you will see a “View agenda” instead of the agenda itself. Click this link and to be taken to the list of agendas.

Another way to achieve this is by clicking the gear icon, choosing Manage attendees, and going to the Agenda tab.

It is possible to search the attendees by their name and email.

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