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How to manage office hour enrollment settings
How to manage office hour enrollment settings

Learn about setting max capacities and configuring in-person and online sessions for office hours.

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As an office hour owner, you want to know your options for managing office hour enrollments, including setting max capacities and configuring in-person and online sessions.


Setting enrollment capacity at two levels

You can set a max capacity for office hour attendees at the office hour program level or at the session level. At the program level, you set a Booking Capacity that carries over to sessions based on that program. If you set the capacity to 1 at the program level, scheduled sessions are configured as a 1:1 Session.

You can overwrite the office hour booking capacity at the session level. You can choose between a 1:1 Session or Multiple Attendees. For Multiple Attendees, you can enter a Session Cap or leave it blank for an unlimited cap.

We recommend setting a low session capacity for office hours because they are designed to provide quick, targeted, small group discussions--easier to facilitate with fewer attendees.

In-person and online enrollments

You can choose the format for the office hour (Online and/or In-Person) at the session level, keeping in mind that you can use both formats. To set up an online session, you must provide the Meeting URL.

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Managing office hour attendance

You can add or remove attendees for an office hour at the session level, and you can see what attendees want to talk about in the session. For more, see How to manage office hour attendance.

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