You are an admin on PlusPlus. Your company uses Microsoft Outlook as its calendaring solution. You want to integrate the two so that your PlusPlus users' events and sessions are automatically synced with their work calendars.


To activate Outlook integration:

Step 1: Head over to Settings > Calendar Integration > Microsoft Outlook

Step 2: Enable Sync to Outlook Calendar.

Step 3: Click on Save Settings.

From then and onward, your users' events and sessions will be synced to their Outlook Calendar.


Our Outlook Calendar integration does not currently support:

  • Booking rooms and other calendar resources.

  • Dropping out of PlusPlus events by declining them in Outlook.

  • Double-booking warnings.

You also won’t be able to use both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar simultaneously. Google Calendar will be favored over Outlook in case both are active.

Known Issues

Microsoft Outlook integration can be excessively noisy (it sends out a separate notification every time a PlusPlus event is updated - e.g. when someone new enrolls), which is why some of our Outlook customers have opted to use iCalendar over Email instead. We are looking to resolve this issue.

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