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Release Notes 09-21-2020
Release Notes 09-21-2020

New Survey Management UI is live!

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Feature Spotlight

New Survey Management UI [New Feature] [Surveys]: Now we’re making survey management and access to results available for Event Organizers, Presenters, and Co-organizers. They now can attach surveys, reschedule the attached surveys, send reminders, share the survey URL, and download the survey responses as CSV. The documentation on how these new features work is available in our "How to gather feedback with Surveys" guide. There’s also a showcase video that explains the new capabilities of the survey management feature.

Special Attention

Deactivation of our old REST API [ACTION REQUIRED] [Integration] [Platform]: We’re finally deactivating our old REST API. This API was already deprecated since we launched our GraphQL API. We still maintained the API live for one year, as promised, and now we’re finally retiring it. The API will stop being available starting on October 19. After this date, all applications that use this API will stop working unless they’re updated to use our GraphQL API. You can read more about our GraphQL API on our “How to use the PlusPlus GraphQL API” guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]

Private Events/Event Types/Tracks/Sessions are now Hidden [Events] [Programs] [Mentorship] [Tracks]: We changed the labels from Private to Hidden in all our data. We consider Hidden is more accurate with the behavior we provide because once the user has the link to the content, it’s not Private anymore. No change was made on how this feature works. Only the label has changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Set up links in the event description to open in a new tab or window [Events]

  • Log reason why the user was enrolled/unenrolled [Events]

  • Filtering by "Attended" status isn't working with custom date range [Events] [Dashboards]

  • The attendance method is not being properly set for one-off events [Events]

  • Program Managers can't see enrollments from sessions of their program

  • Increase resource link character limit to 2048 [Events]

  • Add more Event Cutoff options (1, 2, and 3 hours before the event) [Events]

  • The Update Review confirmation modal is showing the wrong time for the time-slots [Events]

  • The catalog page is taking too long to load if the amount of existing Event Types is high [Events]

  • Clicking "Back to event" after inviting people to an event reopens the invite modal [Events]

  • Users are not being redirected to the right page after click "Back" in program and mentorship sessions forms [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • Fix permissions that were allowing regular users to be able to edit and delete sessions [Programs]

  • As a user that unenrolled from a multiple attendee session, I don't see the session I've unenrolled in the "Upcoming session" section in "My Sessions" [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • Error exporting survey responses CSV [Surveys]

  • Stand-alone Snippets Search is not looking at snippets title correctly [Tracks]

  • Announcements' descriptions shouldn't be centered [Platform]

  • Add interactive GraphQL explorer link to settings page [Platform] [Integrations]

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