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Release Notes 08-17-2020
Release Notes 08-17-2020

Online Events with Waitlists, Program Sessions with Multiple Attendees, Dashboard improvements, and a lot more!

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Feature Spotlight

Online Events Cap Management & Waitlists [New Feature] [Events]: PlusPlus now supports the same functionalities for online and in-person events. That includes per-event cap management and waitlists. The documentation on how these new features work is available in our "How to separate online and local Enrollments for Events" guide.

Special Attention

Required Event Update Message [ACTION REQUIRED] [Events] [Notifications]: We currently have the option of adding an optional message in the Event Update email. This message field will keep being optional, but every customer’s email template for Event Update should consider the new message tag. If your company hasn’t customized this email, we’re going to update your template automatically. If it does customize this template, Admins should modify them to support the message tag. The change is going to happen on August 31.

New Event Reminder for Waitlisted Users [ACTION REQUIRED] [Events] [Notifications]: Our Event Reminders were sent to both Enrolled Users and Waitlisted Users. This behavior has led to confusion, so we decided to have a separate reminder for Waitlisted Users. If your company uses the event reminders, they will stop being sent to Waitlisted Users, and one of the admins will need to activate this new Event Reminder for Waitlisted Users in case you want to keep using it.


Program Sessions support for Multiple Attendees [New Feature] [Programs]: Now it’s possible to create sessions with multiple attendees at the same time. The experience is a lot like in events, so hosts, program managers, and admins will have access to a roster where they can manage the attendees and check each attendee’s agenda. The full documentation on how the one-to-many programs work is available in our "How to create and manage sessions with multiple attendees" guide.

Enrollment Method Conversions [New Feature] [Events]: Previously, PlusPlus had no way of changing the attendance method of events after users started signing up for them. Now event organizers can do the conversion between In-person and Online and vice-versa through the event form. The documentation on how this new feature work is available in our "How to switch and merge enrollments and enrollment methods for events" guide.

Themes improvements [Improvement] [Platform]: We did a color study with our current themes and implemented small adjustments to improve accessibility and user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • URLs with filters do not redirect after login [Platform]

  • When the session expires ask users to log in again [Platform]

  • Update the Cancel button on forms to say Back instead [Platform]

  • Make clear that the Tags Dropdown is not showing the entire list and requires using the type-ahead [Platform]

  • Users are not being redirected when they are logged in and access to the login page [Platform]

  • Engagement & Events Analytics aren't shown when using custom date range [Analytics]

  • Improve Engagement analytics charts language to be clearer [Analytics]

  • Permanent deletion for snippet doesn't work [Tracks & Snippets]

  • Fix spacing on event type description on snippets lists [Tracks & Snippets]

  • Organizers can't see surveys in Dashboard [Surveys]

  • Notifications do not support specific language for pre-events surveys [Surveys]

  • The program manager is marked as required in program form, but it isn't [Programs]

  • Program managers can't see the edit button when there's only one program available [Programs]

  • Add better error message for recurrent dates fields [Events] [Programs] [Mentorship]

  • Event type requests dashboard's search bar does not search through all results unless load more button is clicked [Events]

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