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Debug eLearning course issues
Debug eLearning course issues

Learn about your debug options for courses if our troubleshooting tips aren't working.

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You've attempted to troubleshoot your eLearning course issues, and it's not working. You want to get to the bottom of what's going on.


If you are still not sure what's going on with your course, it might be worth looking at the debug logs.

We currently do not expose the debug logs directly to our users, but you may:

  • Ask our support folks to help fetch debug logs for you.

  • Create your own free SCORM Cloud sandbox account and publish/launch your course there, with full access to the debug logs.

To debug:

  1. Log into your SCORM Cloud console.

  2. Navigate to Library.

  3. Under Application select the application where your course resides.

  4. Select the course you want to debug.

  5. Verify that the debug options have been set to detailed for this course (you may also do this in PlusPlus via the course Advanced Settings).

  6. Be sure to click Save if you make any changes here.

  7. Launch your course either from PlusPlus, or from SCORM Cloud's Launch button.

  8. Simulate the course session (run all the way through to completion).

  9. Once you exit the course and come back to the SCORM Cloud course details page, select the latest session under Debug Logs.

    The course launch debug info displays:

  10. Look for blue (runtime) log lines, such as SetValue(...). In the log above, of particular interest are the following lines:

    • Initialize('') returned 'true' - the course initialized successfully

    • GetValue('cmi.completion_status') returned 'unknown' - the user's initial course registration status

    • GetValue('cmi.location') returned '' - the user's initial location in this course

    • SetValue('cmi.location', '6') returned 'true' - the user's current location (in this case 6) in this course. This is how course bookmarks help keep track of user's progress.

    • SetValue('cmi.completion_status', 'completed') returned 'true' - the user's final completion status

    • SetValue('cmi.score.raw', '100') - the user's final score (raw)

    • SetValue('cmi.score.scaled', '1') - the user's final score (scaled from 0-1), which is what we track and report

    • SetValue('cmi.success_status', 'passed') - the user's final pass/fail result (as reported by the course, typically based on the user's score)

    • SetValue('cmi.exit', '') returned 'true' - the user's intention to exit the course

    • SetValue('cmi.session_time', 'PT45.10S') - the user's total time spent in this session of the course

    • Terminate('') returned 'true' - the course is cleanly terminating its session

      Note, you can click to expand/collapse any of the lines to get even more detailed debug information

Go deeper

eLearning courses are like self-contained web applications, with their own state and behavior. By accessing the debug logs we are able to gain insights into how they are behaving inside our SCORM Cloud engine.

I still need help

If you run into any log statements that just don't make sense, or things look like they should work, but they don't, our good friends at at Rustici Software (the providers of SCORM Cloud) generously offered to help you out directly. After all, they are The leading authority on SCORM since 2002. You can reach out to them via

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