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How to configure your email integration
How to configure your email integration

Learn the process for working with PlusPlus to configure your email integration for notifications sent from your own domain.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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As an admin onboarding with PlusPlus, you want to configure your email integration so that your users can receive PlusPlus email notifications from your own domain. This makes the emails more trustworthy to your users and increases delivery rates for PlusPlus notifications.


To configure your email integration:

  1. Choose the domain you’d like to use for the email integration.

    We recommend using a subdomain (for example, instead of the main domain (

  2. Communicate your chosen domain to our support team.

    This article explains who to reach out to for assistance.

    Once we receive the domain you choose, we then send you the CNAME values for our email platform.

  3. Receive CNAME values from our support team.

  4. Have your IT team add CNAME values to your DNS host.

    This involves creating CNAME records pointing to the CNAME values we provide, thus authorizing us to use your chosen domain from which to send emails.

    Within 24 hours, PlusPlus will verify the domain and a support engineer will notify you.

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Why use a subdomain?

This is an accepted industry practice. Using a subdomain helps your organization retain control over emails sent from your main domain. PlusPlus will only be authorized to send emails from the designated subdomain, not from your main domain. Further, if the main domain is already in use for an email integration, the PlusPlus verification will fail.

How do I add my IP address to the Google Workspace allowlist?

To ensure PlusPlus email notifications do not end up in the Spam folder, follow these steps.

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