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Release Notes: Nov 22, 2022
Release Notes: Nov 22, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Incremental Improvements to Scheduled Tracks [Alpha Version] [Tracks]: Organizers can preview an extended version of our upcoming feature: Scheduled Tracks. The experience enables a cohort-based blended learning experience that is tied to a specific time window, mixing live events with self-paced learning. We have now added the ability to edit a scheduled track and to drop it. Note that if someone drops a step from a scheduled track, they will also drop the assignment to that track as a whole.

My Learning Content is now My Content [Improvement] [Platform]: We changed the label My Learning Content to My Content and Learning Types to Content Types. As our platform helps teams mature their technical employee enablement efforts, simplicity is key.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the upload of a course to a track. [Courses] [Tracks]

  • Fixed a styling bug in track cards. [Tracks]

  • Fixed a bug impacting external users who were not receiving emails or invites. [Notifications]

  • Fixed the dashboard Analytics filters. [Dashboards]

  • Adjusted the new course version upload that was deleting the description. [Courses]

  • Fixed the "is" filter in the People dashboard. [Dashboard]

  • Fixed a typo in People Integration Settings. [Settings]

  • Fixed the reply to email that was not directing responses to the email set up. [Settings]

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