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Archiving, canceling, & deleting content

Learn about how to archive, cancel, delete, and restore content

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As an admin or content owner you want to know how to archive, cancel, and delete content, how to restore archived content, and what impact archiving, canceling, deleting, or restoring has.

Archive or cancel content

You can archive most content types such as event types, courses, tracks, videos, links, articles, and mentorship/peer programs, assessments, however, events are canceled. Here's how to archive or cancel content:

  • Go to the content item you want to archive or cancel

  • Open the context menu (button with three dots)

Select Archive or Cancel respectively.

The Cancel option, as seen on events, is performed the same way as archiving in other content as seen when clicking the 3 dots off the context menu from an event type

On event types and other content you'll find an Archive option

What happens to canceled and archived content?

Canceling is only for Events where Archiving is for all other content types - Events are special in that with other content types when you archive it, they are hidden, however, when an event is canceled we send notifications and remove calendar entries as well.

Archived or canceled content is hidden from the Catalog for regular users, but the historical assignment data remains intact. Archived and canceled content is still accessible for regular users if they a direct URL link to the hidden content, however, regular users cannot see archived or canceled content in their search results or menu feed.

Archived content can still be filtered in the Catalog and be found in the dashboards by admins and organizers, accessible for reference purposes, to restore, or delete. You can also still generate reports off of canceled and archived content which is preserved unless it is deleted.

Calendar behavior with Archived and Canceled content

Canceling an event will automatically remove existing calendar entries for that event.

Calendar entries are only removed when the live content, which is directly related to them, is archived. This means that we only delete calendar entries after events and sessions have been archived.

When any content is archived or hidden we do not archive "associated" content. This means that events are not canceled when the event type is archived, sessions are not archived when the program is archived, track items are not archived when the track is archived, and scheduled tracks are not archived when the parent track is archived.

We provide a dialog to content owners informing them of the impact when archiving

The dialog shown when events are canceled

Restore archived or canceled content

To restore content that has been archived or canceled

  1. Go to archived or canceled content item you want to restore. Canceled events will be shown in an archived state.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots).

  3. Select Restore.

This restores content back to the Catalog so that regular users can access it again and restored events will also have their assignments restored as well as other content will revert back to the original state they were at prior to archiving.

Deleted content

You have the option to delete a content item only after it is archived or canceled.

Before performing a deletion please keep in mind deleting a content item also permanently deletes all its historical assignment data, and a deleted content item cannot be restored or recovered unlike archiving which preserves the data.

  1. Go to the content item you want to delete.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots).

  3. Select Delete.

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