How to find content in PlusPlus

Learn how to browse for live events, OnDemand content, and expert connections.

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As a PlusPlus user, you want to know the easiest ways to browse and discover content or how to search and filter for specific events, content items, or peer connections.

You can browse the whole range of content types in PlusPlus in the following three areas, but keep in mind that your org may use different terminology for these areas, or it may not utilize all the content types referenced here.


The Live page shows the events you can attend, and you can easily filter or search for the events most relevant to you.

Search for a specific event or only show events where spots are available and/or that are happening during your normal working hours. For more advanced searches, open More filters and dig into available events based on their location, whether they're online or in-person, a specific date range, and more.


OnDemand offers the greatest variety of content types, all of which you can engage at your own pace. This includes videos, articles, assessments, guides, tracks, and more. You can browse and filter by content Type, content Categories, and other filters to find the OnDemand content you're looking for.


Looking to connect with teammates and mentors? Experts is where you can find suitable peer connections and request a session.

More ways to browse

In any of these three areas content and connections curated for you are displayed at the top of the page. This can include content you are assigned to or that you own, your upcoming events and the most popular events in your org, and many more. These widgets only display if you haven't entered any search of filtering values.

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