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You may have different events for different groups of people. For example, Managers may see manager training classes that are not available to individual contributors. Engineers may see different events than salespeople, and so on. Groups feature allows you to control the access to an event based on the person’s group membership.

Groups can be created by two different methods: integrations or manual creation.

Manual Group Creation

Groups can be created manually from two different places: the Dashboard or My Groups.


Go to Dashboard > Groups > Create group:

My Groups

Go to Profile Menu > My groups > Create group.

In either case, you will be prompted with questions such as the group’s name, its privacy settings (in case an admin is creating the group, otherwise the group will be automatically private) and group members.

The created groups will be available for use in some pages, such as the invite to event page.

Manual creation is restricted to certain user roles, such as admins, organizers and mentors.

Editing groups

Groups can be edited either through their group details page or directly through the dashboard. Please note that groups provided by integration cannot be edited (see below).

Admins are able to see and edit any groups they want, whether they are private or public, except if they’re owned by an integration. Organizers and mentors can only edit groups they own.

Admins are able to change a group’s privacy through the edition page, while organizers and mentors are not allowed to do so.

Deleting groups

Groups can be deleted through the group edition page or through the dashboard. Admins can delete any groups they wish, except for those owned by integrations. Organizers and mentors are allowed to delete the groups they own.

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