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PlusPlus 101: Offer externally-sourced material via Linked Content
PlusPlus 101: Offer externally-sourced material via Linked Content

Learn how to offer external content within PlusPlus.

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As an admin or site owner, you want to offer external, third-party content to people in your org, and make it discoverable and assignable in your instance of PlusPlus. You can also integrate linked content into a track.


First, make sure you have enabled linked content for your instance of PlusPlus.

  1. In the Catalog, click New and select Link from the menu.

    The New Link dialog opens.

  2. Enter the URL address for the external content you want to offer and click Next.
    The New Link page opens with content info (cover image, title, and so on) automatically populated if available.

  3. Adjust automatically-populated info as needed and configure content settings.
    ​Go deeper on the settings you can configure for linked content.

  4. Click Publish.
    People can discover the linked content in the Catalog and access the URL to consume the content. You can also assign it to people like other content in PlusPlus and add it to a track.

  5. To update the info for the linked content, click Refresh. Go deeper.

Go deeper

More settings you can configure

In addition to the automatically-populated content info, you can also...

  • Turn on the Inline item option to make the linked content visible only in tracks to which it is added.

  • Add Categories and Tags to make the linked content more discoverable.

  • Add Owners to edit and maintain the linked content.

  • Enable or disable people's ability to save, mark as complete, and rate the linked content via the Completable toggle. If linked content is completable, you can also...

    • Configure whether people must manually mark the content as complete in PlusPlus after they've consumed it (the Mark completion option), or the content is automatically marked as complete when people open the linked URL (the Complete when opened option).

    • Set a Time to complete for a default due date and/or a Time to expiration.

      You can adjust due dates and/or expiration dates on and individual basis when you assign linked content.

  • Configure Access Control to make the linked content public, hidden, or only available to certain groups.

  • Enable or disable the Feedback is public option (in General Settings), which determines whether everyone on your instance of PlusPlus can see ratings and feedback from people completing the content. When disabled, only admins, site owners, and content owners can see the feedback.

  • Configure Notifications for the linked content.

Refresh linked content info

You can refresh the automatically-populated content info on a regular basis to make sure the cover image, title, description, and so on, remain in sync with the URL.

  1. Go to the linked content you want to refresh.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

    The Edit Link page opens.

  3. Click Refresh.
    Content info automatically refreshes with data from the linked URL.

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