You want to set up rules that automatically assign people to some of your content items (e.g. an onboarding track), so that you don't have to perform these assignments manually.


Set up a set of automated rules to automatically assign people to your content items.

  1. Read Automated Rules to understand the workflow for creating your rules and learn about rule conditions.

  2. See the discussion below outlining content assignment rule actions and parameters.


For content assignments, there only one possible Action:

  • Assign to Content Item.

This action takes the following Parameters:

  • Content Item ID. The ID of the content item you want to assign people to. Required.

  • Assigner ID. The ID of the user that will appear as the person who performed this assignment (e.g. in the invitation email). Required.

  • Time To Complete. Specifies the period in which people are expected to complete the content item. This value is added to the date when the rule runs to determine the due date. Optional. It can be set to one of the following values:

    • "none" - Don't set the due date for the content item assignment.

    • "inherit" - Copy the time to complete from the content item itself.

    • <duration> - specify the duration in terms of days, weeks, or months (e.g. "P60D" means 60 days).

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