As an admin or site owner, you want to automate the process of assigning the right people to the right groups in PlusPlus and ensuring the group memberships remain accurate over time.


Set up automated rules to mange your groups.

  1. Read PlusPlus 101: Create automated rules for repetitive workflows to understand how automated rules work.

  2. Create People dashboard segments to define the people you want to put in groups.

  3. Create automated rules, using Assign to a group as the rule's action.

  4. Select the appropriate Group to assign those who meet the rule's condition to.

  5. Click Publish.
    The rule runs on a nightly basis, evaluating the People Segment and placing those who meet the condition into the specified group.

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How the Assign to a group action works

The Assign to a group action assigns everyone in the condition's People Segment to the Group you select. This means that if people who meet the condition are already in the specified group, the action does not re-assign them to it. If people who were in the group no longer meet the condition, they are removed from the group. This ensures group membership lists always remain accurate automatically.

You can only select one group per rule, so to completely automate your group management, create a rule for every group.

Other actions

In addition to managing groups, with automated rules you can automate event enrollment, content assignments, and (coming soon) badge assignments.

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