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Release Notes: Jun 2, 2022
Release Notes: Jun 2, 2022
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Feature Spotlight

Save People Segments [New Feature] [Dashboards]: Admins can choose to save and manage their filtered searches on the People dashboard to create segments. The saved segments will appear in the sidebar to all admins in the organization.

You'll also notice that text and date filters on the People dashboard have been enhanced to support conditional searches facilitating the segmentation of users.

While the date filters allow you to search by relative or exact date, the text filter allows you to select a condition:

We hope these new capabilities will give admins better control of their data to facilitate reporting!

Minor Improvements

  • Improved usability of the "Request an Event" action [Improvement] [Events]: "Request an Event" now shows up less prominently, so that people are more likely to consider other available events of the same type before requesting a new one.

  • Performance Improvements [Improvement][Platform]: Optimizations impacted the Catalog, Events, Event Types, Tracks, Articles, Courses, Videos, and User pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug considering non-completable track items as a requirement to complete a track. [Tracks]

  • Fixed the Article form not working with copy-paste content. [Articles]

  • Fixed a cosmetic bug causing the roster progress to overflow on specific cases. [Events]

  • Fixed group-restricted flexible tabs that were not being displayed to group owners. [Platform]

  • Fixed removing a filter from a dashboard that was not impacting the URL. [Dashboards]

  • Fixed up & down arrow keys not working in text fields. [Forms]

  • Fixed a wrong enrollment state when an event had a cutoff. [Events]

  • Fixed the Catalog breadcrumb for track items. [Tracks]

  • Fixed the Session host that was not changing from "Maybe" to "Yes" on Google Calendar when an attendee booked a session. [Sessions]

  • Fixed the Mentorship CSV export not working. [Mentorship]

  • Fixed the buttons' icon sizing. [Platform]

  • Fixed the content creation from within a Track. [Tracks]

  • Fixed the Enrollment export returning fewer results. [Events]

  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with form icons. [Forms]

  • Fixed an issue preventing content owners from attaching surveys to content. [Articles] [Videos] [Courses] [Tracks] [Event Types]

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