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How to use Degreed & PlusPlus together
How to use Degreed & PlusPlus together

Capture all knowledge sharing and transfer across your organization

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Your Corporate Learning Environment Completed: PlusPlus + Degreed

Expand learning opportunities without increasing your workload.

With PlusPlus Degreed integration, you can guide learning with tracks. Alternatively, your workforce is in control, selecting self-paced courses and live learning events others with similar interests take. Whichever path they choose, you have insight into everything they’re learning, as well as their growing skill sets.

Capture all knowledge sharing and transfer across your organization

  1. In Degreed, give your workforce two ways to discover curated courses and events. In their feed, they’ll find courses and events that colleagues who share their interests are taking. In the catalog, they’ll browse through items.

  2. In PlusPlus, manage all live-learning happening across your organization. Recognize essential Guides – your presenters, instructors, and mentors. PlusPlus handles enrollment for all courses and events, including sign-ups, reminders, waitlist management, and completion notification. Simplify your onboarding process. Create tracks in PlusPlus with e-courses and live events. As new hires join your organization, PlusPlus automatically adds them to the appropriate track, handling sign-ups, reminders, and progress tracking.

  3. Back in Degreed, track all completions of courses and other live events. Issue certificates as your workforce satisfies requirements.

With PlusPlus Degreed integration, your corporate learning infrastructure is complete. You can offer true blended learning.

How to activate your Degreed integration within PlusPlus

  1. Head over to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to "Degreed".

  2. Insert your Degreed Client ID and Client Secret. These can be obtained by contacting your Degreed Technical Solutions Expert.

  3. Enable the integration by toggling it on.

  4. Choose what you'd like to push to Degreed.

  5. Hit save.

  6. Contact PlusPlus support. This is indispensable if you want your already existing events, event types and enrollments to be pushed to Degreed.

Please note that hidden and group restricted content won't be pushed to Degreed because of access concerns.

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