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The [unified] catalog is all of your learning content in one place. It can host your event types, tracks, programs, articles, videos, cloud docs, and eLearning courses.

It is designed to help your learners search for, filter, and discover all of your offerings by type, keyword, category/tag, or any other flexible filter. Your learners can come in, with a topic they are curious about, find what's available to them, and then engage with the modality of learning that best suits them.


In the default mode, your learners can browse horizontally through each type of learning using Netflix-style carousel mode:

When there is a lot of content for a given learning type, it's easier to see it all vertically in the View All mode:


As mentioned above, your learners can filter for content by type(s), keyword, category/tag(s), or any other flexible filter(s). These filters are applied to all selected learning types, so they are great to narrow things down quickly across the entire catalog. Even better, the filters are persisted across their visits, so when your learners come back, they pick up right where they left off.


When a learner on the Events page searches for events, we automatically cross-search your Catalog and show them links to any results that we find. From there, they can jump to the specific learning type, or view the results unified across the entire catalog.

This is what the experience looks like in practice:

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