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Release Notes: September 22, 2021
Release Notes: September 22, 2021
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Feature Spotlight

Light-weight editing of existing surveys [New Feature] [Platform]: Admins will be able to perform a few light-weight editions to existing surveys. Within the range of available editions, options are: title; description; questions; requirement status; addition and deletion of single/multiple-choice options; and reordering of both questions and single/multiple-choice options. Check the "How to edit Surveys" HC article to learn more.

Special Attention

Removal of Additional Locations [Deprecation Warning] [Platform]: We launched Is Friendly To My Time event filter on March 23 to make it easier for the end-users to discover online events that better fit into their time-zone-aware schedule, regardless of their physical location. Similarly, we're launching in the upcoming week the same filter for Mentorship sessions. With that in place, we find little value in having the organizers and hosts manually curate the list of additional locations where their events/sessions show up in. As a result, we will be deprecating the Additional Locations feature on September 28. If you have any concerns/suggestions, please reach out to your admin or your PlusPlus Customer Success Manager.

Minor Improvements

  • Consistent power user actions: Access to privileged actions, like edit/new/etc, is now consistent throughout the platform, so that power users have an intuitive experience and can more easily discover new actions. [Platform]

  • Display two feedback cards inside Track details: The new tracks UI now displays at least two feedback cards at once. [Tracks]

  • Consistent copy throughout the platform: "Copy", "Make Multiple Copies", and "Clone" actions were renamed to "Duplicate" and "Bulk Duplicate" to ensure site-wide consistency. [Platform]

  • Automated event/session/schedule track enrollment allows filtering: Organizers can create an automated rule that enrolls people into events/sessions/tracks of a given type/program/track based on additional filtering, such as location, so that they make sure that people end up in the right experiences. [Integrations]

  • Resume video: Users are able to resume videos from the last viewed point so that watching of videos is automatically tracked, and they can playback from where they left off. [Videos]

  • Time picker drop down shows the next sequential time slot: We recognize that the experience for organizers is less than optimal when the time picker doesn't appear to have any logic built into it. For an improved experience, the drop-down now shows the next sequential time slot after what the smart defaults surfaced. [Platform]

  • Deletion of content items referenced by tracks: Maintainers now view a prompt to confirm deletion if the item is referenced by a track, so they do not accidentally delete content and unexpectedly remove it from the track. [Tracks]

  • Event Type roster: Maintainers can access event types rosters as with other content items, so it's easy to manage assignees. [Event Types]

  • New image input styling: A new and improved UI was released for image inputs to make updating or removing the image easily accessible. [Platform]

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a minor bug where deleting an item from a track took the user to the old tracks page. [Tracks]

  • We solved timeouts on the track's roster when there were many assignments. [Tracks]

  • We removed a track's feedback wrongly showing up on all track items page. Now it only appears on the first page, which is the track summary. [Tracks]

  • We've improved messaging on the roster assignment operation when a person's email is not allowed or is invalid. [Platform]

  • We fixed an error on CSV import for events where the import was throwing an error when there was no organizer on the event type. [Data Exports]

  • We fixed event types categories not saving when editing an event type. [Event Types]

  • We fixed timeout errors in the system. [Platform]

  • We solved a problem for some users that were having issues when enrolling in events. [Events]

  • We fixed a cosmetic problem on the events form when opening and closing the "Access Control" section. [Events]

  • When a user launches a course, the admin/organizer can no longer unassign them from that course. The action was still appearing in the roster, although not functional, so it was removed. [Courses]

  • We solved some form fields that were not being filled when creating an event from an event type. [Events] [Event Types]

  • We added support for the `<script>` tag in articles. To be clear, this script tag is not evaluated, just like the rest of HTML tags. We're just allowing a structure of an example web page that includes a `<script>` tag. [Articles]


Bulk Import/Export Event Types [New Feature] [Data Exports]: Bulk import/export of event types will soon be available to organizers. We hope to reduce the burden of dealing with manual data copying, one at a time. The new functionality is available through the Event Type Dashboard. Please note that importing is an add-only operation, so no updates or deletions are supported. To learn more and get a template file, check the "How to bulk import Event Types" HC article.

Improved users profile UI [Improvement] [Platform]: A user's manager info is now highlighted on the user profile, and hovering the info shows a popover with a mini-profile.

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