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PlusPlus 101: Getting started with APIs
PlusPlus 101: Getting started with APIs

Learn about the API offerings available with PlusPlus.

Written by Jonathan Allston
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Three API solutions

The following API solutions ensure that you always have access to your PlusPlus data. You can retrieve specific information when you need it and use your data for integrations down the road.


GraphQL is our basic, general purpose API solution, offering an interactive interface for you to test and play queries. To learn more, see How to use the PlusPlus GraphQL API.


xAPI uses a Learning Record Store (LRS) connection to capture actions taken in PlusPlus, and it can push notifications to you when certain actions are taken. To learn more, see How to turn on xAPI (LRS) integration.

Export to CSV

In addition to these standard APIs, within PlusPlus dashboards and other features you can also export data on the page to a CSV file and use the gathered info for your own purposes. To learn more, see How to export dashboard data to CSV.

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