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How to add custom video sources to PlusPlus
How to add custom video sources to PlusPlus

Learn how to permit custom video sources in PlusPlus in addition to already-supported URL sources.

Written by Jonathan Allston
Updated over a week ago


As a content owner, you want to share videos from your custom/proprietary platform so that team members can discover and consume it in PlusPlus.

As an admin, you want to control permitted video sources, so that you can minimize the risk of XSS issues.


Add custom video sources by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Videos.

  2. Specify a regular expression to allow a custom video URL source.
    For example, to allow any video URL that starts with, define the pattern as ^*$.

    You can add multiple custom video sources by inserting a vertical bar ( | ) between each URL. For example:

  3. Save your settings.
    You can now add videos from the custom video URL source.
    For more, see How to upload videos.

Go deeper

For a full list of already-supported URL video sources, see PlusPlus 101: Getting started with videos.

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