How to upload videos

Learn how to add videos for team members to discover and consume in PlusPlus.

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As an admin or content owner, you have a video you want to add to the PlusPlus platform so that team members can discover it and watch it.


  1. If you have not uploaded any videos to PlusPlus, make sure you have enabled video content before you begin.

  2. In the Catalog, click New and select Video from the menu.

  3. Go to Video URL.

  4. Copy the video URL address and paste it into the Video URL field.
    The video preview image appears, along with the video Duration.

  5. Add other video information as needed, including a video description, a cover image, and categories and tags to make it more discoverable.
    See the Go deeper section for more details you can add about the video.

  6. Click Publish.
    The video is added to your Catalog so team members can discover and watch it.

How to embed Videos from above image in more detail found here: How to embed videos

Go deeper

For a full list of supported URL video sources, see PlusPlus 101: Getting started with videos. In addition to these, you can also add custom URL sources for videos.

More video details

In addition to the settings mentioned above, you can add or updated the following details for your video.

(To update an existing video, go to the landing page for the video, open the context menu (button with three dots), and select Edit.)

  • Turn on the Inline item option to make the video visible only in tracks to which it is added.

  • Select a Curator who can edit video details and manage assignments for the video.
    The person who added the video is automatically listed as the curator.

  • Add Time to complete if you want video assignees to complete it in a certain amount of time.

  • Configure a Video percentage that needs to be watched to autocomplete.
    Viewers (including those assigned to the video) must watch the percentage given to be considered complete.

  • Add links or suggest office hours as additional resources for the videos.

  • Attach surveys to the video to solicit feedback from those who take it.

  • Set Access Control for the video.

  • Configure whether Feedback is public (everyone can see the star ratings given for the video).
    This is a cascaded setting set at the System Settings level, but you can override the setting for a particular video.

  • Configure Notifications for video assignments and surveys.
    These are also cascaded settings, but you can configure notifications for a particular video as needed.

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