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Global Calendar Feed
Global Calendar Feed

Learn how to get a calendar feed (a.k.a. iCalendar, iCal, ICS) of all upcoming events on your PlusPlus instance

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You are an admin of PlusPlus and you want to get a global feed of your upcoming events.


You can download an iCalendar-based feed (a.k.a. iCal or ICS) of all upcoming events on your PlusPlus instance, or you could subscribe to it via your calendar application.

Step 1: Head over to Menu > Settings > Integrations > Calendar

Step 2: Scroll to iCalendar > Download ICS File

Step 3: Subscribe to or one-time download the contents of this URL.


iCalendar (also known as iCal and ICS) is a calendar interchange format designed for interoperability between various calendaring systems. You can download .ics files, upload them to nearly every calendar service, or directly subscribe to them. The last option causes your calendar client to periodically refresh the calendar events so they are always kept up-to-date.

The ICal feed URL is a global feed that contains all events your PlusPlus instance has, apart from group-restricted and hidden events. This feed may be useful to help drive discoverability of your events in other places (e.g. to embed in your corporate Wiki).

Keep in mind that this URL does not require authentication (it already embeds a secret) so be careful not to leak it outside of your organization. In case you need to change the secret key please contact support.

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