You wish to import a course into PlusPlus, but you first want to make sure it follows all of the best-practices so that it works as you expect it to.


Please read 4 Things Every SCORM Test Should Do When Reporting Interactions. The following is just a summary:

  1. Record your interactions with full detail

  2. Understand the difference between state and journaling

  3. Set completion status and success status

  4. Post a score

The last two are particularly important, because if you don't post the completion (as well as success and score) information, it will be impossible for us to accurately capture and report on your learners' engagement with your course. Your users may get frustrated since they will be unable to complete the assigned training.


While SCORM (as well as AICC, xAPI, and CMI5) is a collection of standards to make course authoring, launching, playback, tracking, and reporting easier, it is still the responsibility of the course author to own the course experience as well as define what it means to complete it.

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