Now that your PlusPlus instance has eLearning enabled, you want to import a new course (e.g. SCORM), but you are not sure how.


1) As an organizer, go to your Catalog and click on NewCourse.

2) On the Course Import page, click the upload link to select a course file to import. Then click Import.

3) Wait until the import completes. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your course. Note that you may choose not to wait on the page, as you'll get an email notification when the import is done.

4) Once your course is imported, it will be in a draft state (so it won't be visible to your audience) so your next step is to fill out the course details (e.g. cover image, description, etc.) and Publish it. Note, you can also continue to Save Draft until you are ready to publish it.

5) At this stage, you can Preview your course, so see that it works as expected. Click on the gear icon, and choose Preview.

When you "Return to LMS" (or exit your course), you'll automatically come back to the course page in PlusPlus.


Before you can upload courses to your instance of PlusPlus, an admin needs to make sure support for eLearning has been enabled.

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