You have eLearning content (e.g. SCORM) that you would like to offer to your audience, but you are not sure where to host it.


Enable eLearning directly on your PlusPlus instance. As an admin:

1) Go to SettingsCourse Settings, check Enable eLearning option, and click on Save Changes.

2) Go to SettingsUI Customization, scroll to the Catalog section, and add "courses" to the comma-separated list of Sections order in Catalog (unless it's already there). Don't forget to Save Changes.

3) Go to your Catalog to import your first new course to the platform.


Our platform makes it possible for you to host all your SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5 courses along your other self-paced, live, and blended content. This enables easy discovery, consumption, along with compliance and tracking. No LMS required.

Note, behind the scenes we seamlessly integrate with Rustici Software's SCORM Cloud to handle the actual playback of your content. They are a leader in SCORM and xAPI standards and they are ISO-27001 certified.

You can decide if you wish for us to "Share learner info with our eLearning provider" (SCORM Cloud), as some courses may make use of this. If disabled, we only share the course content and the PlusPlus-specific learner IDs.

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