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How to specify prerequisites for content
How to specify prerequisites for content

Learn how to offer content items only to people who have completed prerequisite content.

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As an admin or content owner, you want to offer a particular content item only to people who have completed prerequisites for that content first.


PlusPlus doesn't yet offer a feature for adding prerequisite content items directly to other content, but you can restrict access to a content item to a group that has completed prerequisite content using our segment and automated rule functionality.

  1. Go to Dashboard > People.

  2. Click Add filter and select Completed.

  3. Select the prerequisite content for the Completed filter.
    The report lists all the people who have completed the prerequisite content.

  4. Click Save.
    A dialog appears for you save the report as a people segment.

  5. Name the segment and click Save.

  6. Go to Dashboard > Groups and click New group.
    The New group page opens.

  7. Name the group and set it to Private.

  8. Click Create group.

  9. Go to Dashboard > Automated Rules and click New automated rule.
    The new rule opens.

  10. Set the automated rule Condition > People segment to the segment you created in step #5.

  11. Set the Action to Assign to a group and set the Group to the group you created in steps 6-8.

  12. Publish the rule.
    Every time someone completes the specified prerequisite content, the automated rule automatically adds them to the group you created. We recommend testing the new rule by manually completing the prerequisite content for a user and ensuring they are added to the group. It might take a few minutes before the regular sync updates the group.

  13. Go to the "gated" content (the content people can access once they've completed the prerequisites).

  14. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.
    Editing content opens.

  15. Go to Access control and set the Access control preference to Hidden and restricted, except for the following groups.

  16. Set the Selected groups to the group you created in steps 6-8.

  17. Save the content.
    People can now access this content only if they have completed the prerequisites (and thus been added automatically to the group you restricted the content to.

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Alternative solution: use tracks

If you're less concerned with actually blocking content from people who haven't completed prerequisites, and instead want to suggest a good order in which to complete content items, you can use tracks for that. For example, you can create a track and just add two content items to it, with the prerequisite content coming first in the track.

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