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Alerts provide a way to keep users updated about events of interest.

How it works

An alert will send a recurrent email with a list of events that matched some set criteria. The user can choose the frequency they wish to receive such emails, and also specify how the events will be filtered. One email will be sent per alert.


Alerts have a frequency field, that allows the user to choose how often the notifications will be received. Possible options are: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Based upon your selection, your alerts will be sent on the following schedule:

  • Daily alerts send at 4 AM PST / 11 AM UTC

  • Weekly alerts send on Mondays @ 3 AM PST / 10 AM UTC

  • Monthly alerts send on the 3rd day of the month @ 2 AM PST / 9AM UTC

Only future events available prior to these times will be included in the listing. Similarly, only events created since the last alert notification will be included in the next listing.

Filter By

An alert can contain either a Tag or a Keyword. This information is used to filter which events will be listed in the notifications of that alert.

  • Tag alerts will list events with that tag.

  • Keyword alerts will list events related with that keyword. Event properties that will be looked up to contain a keyword are: Title, Description, Location and Categories.

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