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PlusPlus roles and permissions are managed through a group of controls that are only available to Admins and Organizers:

  • Account Role: This primary designation of External, Regular, Organizer, or Admin gives an explicit set of base permissions. The Power User Management section is not visible for Regular and External users.

  • System Settings: This group of permissions allow an Admin to broaden the ability of all users to participate within various modules including Events, Program Sessions, Mentorship Sessions, Tracks and Snippets, and Event/Session requests.

  • Mentor Flag: This checkbox can be set for any user to allow them to create and edit mentorship sessions hosted by themselves, as well as, invite people to events.

Through different combinations of the above controls, a user will be primarily associated to one of the below permission groups.

If you are an Admin or Organizer, you may want to learn more about:

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