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People Integration: Direct API

Learn how to load your employee data as JSON/CSV over HTTPS (Workday/RaaS and UKG Pro/UltiPro)

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You want to understand how to load your employees data into the PlusPlus learning platform through direct integration with your HRIS / HCM / Identity Management software.


We can set up a job on our end to automatically fetch your employee data on daily basis from your HRIS / HCM software.

We currently support: Workday and UKG Pro (a.k.a UltiPro):


Authentication Method

Data Fetch Method










To get started, please contact your Customer Success Manager to request the People Integration: Direct API option, and, unless you are doing this yourself, introduce them to the team/person configuring this on your end.

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Other options

We may also be able to integrate with other HRIS-like systems that support:

  • HTTPS transport

  • JSON or CSV data format

  • Basic, Token, or OAuth-based authentication methods

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager use to inquire about needs. If none of these options work, you may also opt for People Integration: CSV over SFTP.


Workday configuration can be found at System Settings β‡’ Integrations β‡’ Workday:

Validate the configuration

Run a dry integration sync - does it succeed or fail?

Map Attributes

Link to editing jmespath as in SCIM discussion.

Validate the integration

Utilizing People Integration Syncs Dashboard for PI Testing:

Please see this section of the People Integration Syncs Dashboard on how to run a dry run before committing any potential change impacting live syncs and check for errors as well as inspect the users who would be affected in a live run.

From the PI Syncs Dashboard you'll see the raw payload and the resulting changes to determine if the results are what you want and if not be able to make necessary changes.

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