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Release Notes: Content completion notifications Feb 1, 2023
Release Notes: Content completion notifications Feb 1, 2023
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Notify team members when they complete content items

You can now set up notifications for team members confirming that they have completed a content item. This is particularly helpful for track items that are completed indirectly (for example, a content owner marks it as complete or removes it from the track).

You can also configure these notifications to auto-cc facilitators, which can be useful for compliance or engagement tracking. Note: This option is only available for some notifications and currently does not include presenters to be cc recipients, only organizers, at this time.

To configure these notifications, go to a content item’s create/edit page, go to the Notifications section, and set it up!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug which prevented users from completing assignments.

  • Fixed page crash when using filters on catalog, events and other list pages.

  • Fixed bug that caused the waitlisting feature not to work when organizers manually edited availability spots.

Upcoming: Track sections

We've started implementing sections for tracks. Content creators will soon be able to organize their content into more digestible chunks, and learners will have a sleeker and simpler user experience when consuming tracks.

Track creation/edition page

Track consumption page

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