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Release Notes: New login page, Mar 2, 2023
Release Notes: New login page, Mar 2, 2023
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New login page

We revamped our login page to match the rest of the platform’s look and feel. We also added some useful links on the sidebar so you can easily access our Help Center and the latest release notes.

New permissions for Google Calendar integration

We added new permissions for what attendees can see and do in the Google Calendar entry for an event. The permissions control:

  • If attendees can see other attendees

  • If attendees can invite other attendees (including rooms)

To enable these permissions, go to Settings > Events > Attendance Policies > and turn on Google Calendar guests see other guests and/or Google Calendar guests can add others.

Boolean filters now available in dashboards

We added support for Boolean filters in dashboards so you can set filters like Has Directs to Yes, No, or Either.

Bug fixes

  • Sticky filters no longer disappear when applied in the catalog.

  • Searches in the People dashboard using segments now work as intended.

  • Save & Apply for event types now pushes out video conference changes as intended.

  • Mentors no longer receive notifications for canceled sessions.

Upcoming: Tracks within tracks

We are following up our work on track sections with adding the ability to nest tracks within tracks. This is especially important for content creators who want to reuse common track components across multiple persona-specific tracks. This lets them avoid duplicating work and it gives them a single place to track consumption and feedback.

Create/edit track

Consume track

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