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Release Notes: Enhanced session controls, Apr 17, 2023
Release Notes: Enhanced session controls, Apr 17, 2023
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Booking-sensitive session host reminders

You can now control whether session hosts receive reminder notifications about upcoming sessions that no one has booked. To configure this, go to Settings > Mentorship & Office Hours > Notifications > Session Host Reminder > Include unbooked.

Bug fixes

  • You can now launch codelabs with Django tags in their content. (this fix allows arbitrary content appearing like a tag to still function, Django tags are not supported)

  • You can now mark articles complete without being assigned to them.

  • Auto-completion for videos now works as expected.

  • You can now launch codelabs and courses without being assigned to them.

  • You can now add courses, articles, event types, videos, and other content types to tracks without issue.

  • Mentor profile options now appear on the user profile edit page as expected.

  • Settings fields no longer overflow text.

  • You can now import codelabs without issue.

Upcoming: Assessments

Assessments come as a means for content creators (owners) to gain understanding about how people are understanding the content. Owners want to ensure people are learning, learners want to know if they are learning, they want to be engaged.

This module is also relevant for compliance use cases, beyond assessing knowledge. We expect Assessments to be released soon.

Answering an assessment question

Creating an assessment

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