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Learn how to load your employee data from Workday

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You want to understand how to load your employees data into the PlusPlus platform through direct integration with your Workday HRIS.


  1. From your Workday admins, request a custom Report as a Service (RaaS) for this integration. They will provide you with a unique URL, username, and password.

  2. As an admin, log into your PlusPlus instance.

  3. Navigate to Settings β‡’ Integrations β‡’ Workday

  4. Fill out the required settings (Workday URL (All), Workday Username, and Workday Password) with the info provided by your Workday admin from step 1.

  5. Make sure Enable Workday Integration in turned on.

  6. Save your settings.

  7. Let your CSM/Support know that you've made this configuration, as they'll validate it for you.


While most of the Workday configuration is self-serve, there are some manual steps for our Support team to do:

  1. Validate the configuration

  2. Map attributes

  3. Validate the integration

Some customers run into challenges/restrictions when working with their Workday admins. If that happens, reach out to your CSM to inquire about other options for people integration, such as People Integration: CSV over SFTP.

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