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How to create and edit peer programs
How to create and edit peer programs

Learn how to set up coaching/mentoring programs around particular topics and other program details

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As a mentor/coach, you want to create a peer program to facilitate enablement relationships with other team members, allowing you to configure the topics you want to gather around, the number of people who can attend a session, and more.


  1. Click New on the Catalog (OnDemand Content page) and select Peer Program from the menu.
    To edit an existing program, go the program's page, open the context menu (button with three dots) and click Edit.
    The New peer program (or Edit peer program) page opens.

  2. Give the program a Title and Description.

  3. Provide the Expected Duration of the program.

  4. Session Discussion Topics * - as this new field has extensive new functionality please watch this video more suited to cover this large addition. Note: the field here is limited to 255 characters.

  5. Enter Peer program manager(s).
    The person creating the program shows as the program manager by default. If you're creating a program on an expert's behalf, set them as a program manager.

  6. Enter the Session cap (the number of people allowed to attend a session for this program).

  7. Configure other program details as needed.

  8. Publish the new program (or Save if you're editing an existing program).

Once you publish your peer program you can start scheduling sessions others can book to participate in the program.

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More peer program details

You can configure the following program details as needed.

  • Categories and Tags to help people discover the program

  • the primary Language program sessions will be conducted in

  • the Expected duration for program sessions

  • Access control to determine whether program sessions are available to everyone or only certain groups

  • Cancellation policy for sessions

  • Notifications to keep session participants in the know

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