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Event Resources

Event Resources are a manner of attaching extra content to your events. They can be accessed through the event details’ page by clicking the edit button dropdown and heading to “Manage Resources”.

Inside the Event Resources edition page, you will find a simple form through which you’ll be able to attach content. You can add a description of what the content holds and add a link to it.

Added resources can be found by everyone in the event details’ page, under the enroll button.

You may also remove any resources you don’t want anymore by checking the “Remove?” checkbox and submitting the form.

External Enrollments/Additional Enrollment Instructions

Additional Enrollment Instructions is a feature that allows power users to set up an external registration procedure. If you need to use an external event management system to manage your enrollments, you may add this information by heading to the event edition form, scrolling down to the “Additional Enrollment Instructions” setting and setting your instructions + the external URL you’d like to redirect your attendees to.

This way, any time users click the enroll button, they’ll be prompted to visit the external website you’ve set up in order to enroll. Their enrollment will appear as “Interested” in the interface as we have no way of tracking external enrollments.

When it comes to the unenrollment process, administrators have two options in place:

  1. “Link to the same external link as enrollment” - Users will have to go through the same process as the for the enrollment if they want to unenroll.

  2. “Unenrollment is final” - Users will unenroll directly at PlusPlus and will have to deal with the external unenrollment separately.

You can find this setting by heading to Profile Menu > Settings > Event Settings > Events Administration.

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