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How to set up external registration
How to set up external registration

Learn how to use an external website for people to enroll in an event.

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As an admin or content owner, you want people to register for an event on an external website. This may be because you need attendees to give more information (like t-shirt size, emergency contact info, and so on) to register than is needed to enroll via PlusPlus, or because you want to track enrollments from your org for an outside event.


Set up external registration for the event or its event type, following these steps:

  1. Access the event type for which you want to set up external registration.
    Or, you can set it up when creating an event type, using Add Event Type from the profile menu.

  2. Open the context menu (button with three dots) and select Edit.

  3. Go to Advanced Settings > External Registration.

  4. Click the toggle to turn on External Registration.
    Additional fields appear.

  5. Enter the External Registration URL where people will register for the event.

  6. Optionally, add External Registration Instructions for how people should register in the external tool.

  7. Save the event type.
    Attendees are directed to the external website to register when they click the Enroll button for the event in PlusPlus.

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Should I set up external registration on the event type or on the event itself?

Set up external registration on the event type level if you want all scheduled events to use an external website for registration. If needed, you can override external registrations for scheduled events of that type.

Set up external registration on a scheduled event if the event type normally does not require external registration, and you only need to set it up for a single occurrence.

Does PlusPlus track external registrations?

People who click an Enroll button for an event and are directed to an external site to register are marked as Interested for the event. This is because the system can not track whether the attendee completed the registration process on an external site.

How does unenrollment work with external registration?

You can configure an External unenrollment policy for how people unenroll from an event using external registration. Go to Settings > Events > General > External unenrollment policy to set this up.

  • Ask people to also unenroll via the external enrollment link - when people unenroll in PlusPlus, they are prompted to unenroll at the external website as well

  • Do not ask people to unenroll externally - when people unenroll in PlusPlus, they are not prompted to take any additional action at the external website

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